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Sustainability in the Cable Industry

Sustainability Cables, Sürdürülebilirlik

Ünka Kablo aims to create a long-lasting and efficient working form with the strategies it has put forward in line with the realization of its goals. Investments made with this understanding are always in the direction of reducing the effects on natural and cultural heritage.

The main aim is to ensure the sustainable use of resources in production, to focus on protecting the integrity and flexibility of the ecosystem with steps such as waste management, energy and water-saving, and recycling.

Ünka Kablo aims to accomplish a satisfactory and sustainable standard in all areas of life such as social justice, equality of opportunity, inclusiveness, education, health, public awareness, and gender equality. 

Ünka Kablo will always continue to meet the needs of the present without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs in their country and around the world.